The Story

ZaZa makes chips that are out of this (Old) World.
We may be born in Brooklyn, but our roots run much deeper.

ZaZa Pita Chips originates from a traditional family recipe. A recipe that through the decades has spiced up school lunches, family meals, gallery openings, vacations, birthdays, and business meetings. You get the picture. And like every treasured recipe, it has become embedded in memories, traditions and stories. All the credit goes to our founding member, mother and grandmother, Victoria, who over 40 years ago, started splitting pitas, basting them with a unique blend of the finest za’atar and olive oil, and baking them into chips. This is why we call our original recipe "The Mother Chip".

In a desire to bring The Mother Chip to the masses, Victoria’s son-in-law approached one friend who then approached another friend and a small company was created. Today we say our chip is born in Brooklyn, but its roots run deeper and, thanks to Victoria, reach us by way of Armenia and Lebanon. It’s an inspiring immigrant success story. And now through ZaZa, the story lives on.

We pride ourselves on using premium ingredients and baking in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency. We are especially proud of our own customized za'atar blend and pita bread recipe. It's exciting for us to say that our family recipe is no longer a secret.