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ZaZa Pita Chips are thin, crisp and irresistible. We split fresh pitas in half, brush them with extra virgin olive oil and seasonings and bake them in small batches. We’re proud to say there’s nothing else like them on the market.


They’re thin, crisp and baked in small batches with extra virgin olive oil and our custom za’atar spice blend (a mix of sesame seeds, sumac and savory). Dip in hummus or enjoy them on their own. And don’t miss the extra bits left at the bottom of the bag. Sprinkle over salads, yogurt, avocado toast… the list goes on and on. Everybody loves these chips, and now you can, too.

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Sea Salt

Your new go-to pita chip is delicate, perfectly salted and made with extra virgin olive oil. Dip them into everything. They are just plain good!

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Smoked Tomato

Our newest chip combines the flavors of sweet, ripe tomatoes and oregano with a little smoke. It’s our love letter to the New York slice. Try them dipped in fresh ricotta, hummus and, of course, on their own.